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- Partner Benefits

Through the power of an aligned and committed purchasing model, Doctors Purchasing Group guarantees exceptional pricing, providing savings on products, supplies and services used in healthcare office's everywhere. With savings up to 70%, Doctors Purchasing Group distinguishes itself as the leading solution for the growing purchasing needs of our Healthcare Providers.

List of Authorized Partners

Doctors Purchasing Group ensures an unequaled group purchasing organization vendor portfolio. If you would like to be aligned with the most powerful manufacturers and service providers, we invite you to a seat at the table, a voice in the decision-making process and an unparalleled alignment with the best partners in the industry.

Through our purchasing efforts, you can remain focused on the improvement of quality patient care. We provide what you and your patients need, and then with you feedback  we can - together - meet their expectations.

Doctors Purchasing Group is dedicated to creating the easiest, most accessible buying solution for you and your office.  Join the thousands of doctors who enjoy the benefits of the Purchasing Group experience.

DPG Vendors


Here is a list of Authorized DPG Partners. It is our endeavor to make sure our Members are using our list of Authorized Partners. To this end, the group listed here has committed to giving the best prices, service, and value, while maintaining the highest level of respect of DPG and its Members. If there are other Partners that you would like to see in DPG, please call or email our Partner Relations Department

Non Profit of the Month

To nominate your favorite global healthcare non-profit organization. Each month DPG will donate 1% of ALL Sales!

24cm x 30cm FUJI X-RAY FILM, GREEN 24cm x 30cm FUJI X-RAY FILM, GREEN
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