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Our Community

- Affiliate Benefits

At Doctors Purchasing Group, we take our professional responsibility seriously, challenging ourselves to create a sustainable industry. We believe this means embracing a broader, deeper responsibility to not only the profession but also socially.  As a profession, we are at a time of unprecedented healthcare challenges which is why creating sustainability is our philosophy and No. 1 priority.  It informs our decisions and brings continued, shared value to our doctors.

Through an affiliation with Doctors Purchasing Group, the associations, organizations, and colleges listed below will receive residual income for each alumni, student, or member of their group who selects them as their chosen organization when making purchases from the Doctors Purchasing Group Store.

Doctors Purchasing Group holds as it's mission the preservation of the Health Care Profession, while keeping the highest of  integrity and passion to deliver the best products and programs available today!!  If your College, Association or Organization would like to partner with DPG to create stronger bonds in your profession, email us at or call us at 1-800-569-7858.  We look forward to working with your group! Doctors Purchasing Group

Non Profit of the Month

To nominate your favorite global healthcare non-profit organization. Each month DPG will donate 1% of ALL Sales!

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